What’s on?

Open House: Willandra will be open to the public on the 3rd Sunday of the month (February – November) from 1pm-4pm. Come and have a look around!


Here is a list of meetings in the next months.  Tuesday Meetings start at 7 pm and Saturday Meetings start at 10 am and will be held at Willandra, 770 Victoria Road, Ryde, with car access via Willandra Street.


Tuesday 10 November, 7pm- TBA

Saturday 14 November, TBA

Sunday 15 November, 1-4pm- Willandra Open House- Historical displays- Ryde Sesqui Centenary displays.


Saturday 10 October, 10am- Angela Phippen– TBA

Tuesday 13 October, 7pm- TBA

Sunday 18 October, 1-4pm- Willandra Open House


Tuesday 8 September, 7pm- TBA

Saturday 12 September, No meeting, Annual Conference, Newcastle

Sunday 20 September, 1-4pm- Willandra Open House


Saturday 8 August, 10am- Gail Davis– Marriage and Divorce

Tuesday 11 August, 7pm- Margaret Farlow– The interesting life of Sarah Makinson, now residing in St Charles Cemetery

Sunday 23 August, 1-4pm- Willandra Open House


Saturday 11 July, 10am- Pauline Weeks– New Zealand records

Tuesday 14 July, 7pm- Bill Phippen– The City Railway

Sunday 19 July, 1-4pm- Willandra Open House


Tuesday 9 June, 7pm- Judith Dunn– Then and there Lying Dead

Saturday 13 June, 10am- Jeff Madsen– Storytelling with map imagery

Sunday 21 June, 1-4pm- Willandra Open House


Saturday 9 May, 10am- Lorraine Turtle, The Grey Scheme

Tuesday 12 May, 7pm- Angela Phippen– TBA.

Sunday 17 May, 11am-4pm- Willandra Open Day– Historical Talk, Bill Phippen- transport in Ryde talk and display.


Saturday 11 April– No meeting

Tuesday 14 April, 7pm- Members’ meeting- 5 minute talks by members

Sunday 19 April, 1-4pm- Willandra Open House- Anzac Day Special- displays and talk


Tuesday 10 March, 7pm- Chris Sanderson and Bob Gallagher– The Freedom Ride

Saturday 14 March, 10am- Mark Bundy– Rookwood Cemtery

Sunday 15 March, 1-4pm- Willandra Open House- Italian Community Scanning afternoon


Saturday 8 February, 10am- Tina Bean– Military Pensions and how you can use them to help with your research.

Tuesday 11 February, 7pm- 2020 Annual General Meeting– all postions will be declared vacant at the AGM.


Tuesday 8th of January, No meeting

Saturday 11th January, No meeting



Saturday 14 December, No meeting.


Saturday 9 November, 10am- Jane Ison– Children arrested under Child Welfare Acts of 1866

Tuesday 12 November, 7pm- Kevin and Janice– Ryde, Hunters Hill families in St Anne’s Churchyard

Sunday 17 November, 2pm- Ryde’s tramways and tramway monuments book launch. All welcome!


Tuesday 8 October, 7pm- Andrew Tink– Honeysuckle Creek; The story of Tom Reid,                                      a little dish and Neil Armstrong.

11-13 October- Family History Conference, Knox Grammar

Saturday 12 October, 10am- Members’ Meeting- No members meeting due to FH conference


14-15 September RAHS Conference, Tamworth

Tuesday 10 September, 7pm- Angela Phippen– “Amplify: Ryde oral histories. Creating transcriptions of digitised oral histories”.

Saturday 14 September, 10am- Kevin and Janice- St Anne’s Book


Saturday 10 August, 10am- Members Meeting– Latest finds (an item of historical interest)

Tuesday 13 August, 7pm- Members Meeting– A topic of historical interest


Tuesday 9 July, 7pm- John Ryan Memorial Social Night

Saturday 13 July, 10am- Angela Phippen- Mapping Chinese Market Gardens in Ryde LGA


Saturday 8 June, 10am- Members Meeting- Scottish research

Tuesday 11 June, 7pm-


Willandra Open Day 2019 – Sunday 19 May from 10 am to 3 pm.

Saturday 11 May, 10am- Christine Sanderson- Humour in writing family history

Tuesday 14 May, 7pm- Naomi Bassford Spanish Flu


Tuesday 9 April, 7pm- Margaret Farlow ‘Shrimpton’s Creek’ (Cancelled due to Willandra being repainted)

Saturday 13 April, 10am- No scheduled meeting


Saturday 9 March, 10am- Tina Bean- Historic Fernleigh from Construction to Destruction.

Tuesday 12 March, 7pm- Peter Nash- ‘Escape from Berlin; – one family’s story!