What’s on?

Sunday 18 April, 11am-4pm, National Trust Heritage Festival ‘Our Heritage for the Future’.

Ryde District Historical Society is trying to remember and respect
those people from the District who served in World War II. We are also trying
to build a comprehensive list of our service people, with details of their
service, their families, their homes and their place in the community.

The Open day is a chance for people to bring along memorabilia and
photographs reflecting their family’s service. These will be scanned (on the
day) and incorporated into the RDHS archive. There will be displays showing the
district’s involvement in World War II.

Open House: Willandra will be open to the public on the 3rd Sunday of the month (February – November) from 1pm-4pm. Come and have a look around!


Here is a list of meetings in the next months.  Tuesday Meetings start at 7 pm and Saturday Meetings start at 10 am and will be held at Willandra, 770 Victoria Road, Ryde, with car access via Willandra Street.


Tuesday 9 March, 7pm possible e-meeting details to be provided

Saturday 13 March, 11am Gathering at Willandra- bring your lunch, have a chat, use our resources


Saturday 10 April, 11am Gathering at Willandra- bring your lunch, have a chat, use our resources

Tuesday 13 April, 7pm possible e-meeting details to be provided



Tuesday 10 November, 7pm- TBA

Saturday 14 November, TBA

Sunday 15 November, 1-4pm- Willandra Open House- Historical displays- Ryde Sesqui Centenary displays.


Saturday 10 October, 10am- Angela Phippen– TBA

Tuesday 13 October, 7pm- TBA

Sunday 18 October, 1-4pm- Willandra Open House


Tuesday 8 September, 7pm- TBA

Saturday 12 September, No meeting, Annual Conference, Newcastle

Sunday 20 September, 1-4pm- Willandra Open House


Saturday 8 August, 10am- Gail Davis– Marriage and Divorce

Tuesday 11 August, 7pm- Margaret Farlow– The interesting life of Sarah Makinson, now residing in St Charles Cemetery

Sunday 23 August, 1-4pm- Willandra Open House


Saturday 11 July, 10am- Pauline Weeks– New Zealand records

Tuesday 14 July, 7pm- Bill Phippen– The City Railway

Sunday 19 July, 1-4pm- Willandra Open House


Tuesday 9 June, 7pm- Judith Dunn– Then and there Lying Dead

Saturday 13 June, 10am- Jeff Madsen– Storytelling with map imagery

Sunday 21 June, 1-4pm- Willandra Open House


Saturday 9 May, 10am- Lorraine Turtle, The Grey Scheme

Tuesday 12 May, 7pm- Angela Phippen– TBA.

Sunday 17 May, 11am-4pm- Willandra Open Day– Historical Talk, Bill Phippen- transport in Ryde talk and display.


Saturday 11 April– No meeting

Tuesday 14 April, 7pm- Members’ meeting- 5 minute talks by members

Sunday 19 April, 1-4pm- Willandra Open House- Anzac Day Special- displays and talk


Tuesday 10 March, 7pm- Chris Sanderson and Bob Gallagher– The Freedom Ride

Saturday 14 March, 10am- Mark Bundy– Rookwood Cemtery

Sunday 15 March, 1-4pm- Willandra Open House- Italian Community Scanning afternoon


Saturday 8 February, 10am- Tina Bean– Military Pensions and how you can use them to help with your research.

Tuesday 11 February, 7pm- 2020 Annual General Meeting– all postions will be declared vacant at the AGM.


Tuesday 8th of January, No meeting

Saturday 11th January, No meeting



Saturday 14 December, No meeting.


Saturday 9 November, 10am- Jane Ison– Children arrested under Child Welfare Acts of 1866

Tuesday 12 November, 7pm- Kevin and Janice– Ryde, Hunters Hill families in St Anne’s Churchyard

Sunday 17 November, 2pm- Ryde’s tramways and tramway monuments book launch. All welcome!


Tuesday 8 October, 7pm- Andrew Tink– Honeysuckle Creek; The story of Tom Reid,                                      a little dish and Neil Armstrong.

11-13 October- Family History Conference, Knox Grammar

Saturday 12 October, 10am- Members’ Meeting- No members meeting due to FH conference


14-15 September RAHS Conference, Tamworth

Tuesday 10 September, 7pm- Angela Phippen– “Amplify: Ryde oral histories. Creating transcriptions of digitised oral histories”.

Saturday 14 September, 10am- Kevin and Janice- St Anne’s Book


Saturday 10 August, 10am- Members Meeting– Latest finds (an item of historical interest)

Tuesday 13 August, 7pm- Members Meeting– A topic of historical interest


Tuesday 9 July, 7pm- John Ryan Memorial Social Night

Saturday 13 July, 10am- Angela Phippen- Mapping Chinese Market Gardens in Ryde LGA


Saturday 8 June, 10am- Members Meeting- Scottish research

Tuesday 11 June, 7pm-


Willandra Open Day 2019 – Sunday 19 May from 10 am to 3 pm.

Saturday 11 May, 10am- Christine Sanderson- Humour in writing family history

Tuesday 14 May, 7pm- Naomi Bassford Spanish Flu


Tuesday 9 April, 7pm- Margaret Farlow ‘Shrimpton’s Creek’ (Cancelled due to Willandra being repainted)

Saturday 13 April, 10am- No scheduled meeting


Saturday 9 March, 10am- Tina Bean- Historic Fernleigh from Construction to Destruction.

Tuesday 12 March, 7pm- Peter Nash- ‘Escape from Berlin; – one family’s story!