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Petition to declare Ryde a Municipality
NSW Government Gazette 17 November 1860

127 resident householders in the Rural District of Ryde signed a petition for the District of Ryde to be declared a Municipality.

Amos, Richard

Devlin, James, junr.

Jurd, William

Shepherd, Isaac

Bailry, G

Devlin, Patrick

Kenagh, Patrick

Shepherd, Isaac, junr.

Baker, Alfred

Dowdel, Michael

Kerr, Blair

Shepherd, Robert

Baldwin, William

Drinkwater, Edwd.

Kerr, Julius

Sims, Wm.

Barber, John (X)

Dunn, George

Ketley, William

Small, Saml.

Batman, John

Elliott, Johnson (X)

Lee, James

Small, Samual, senior

Bate, Henry

Evans, Stephen

Logan, Wm.

Small, Thomas

Bawdon, Thomas

Farnell, James S.

Loresy, George

Spencer, James

Baylis, Charles

Folkard, John

Lovell, George

Squires, James Poignand

Beck, Thomas

Fowles, William

McMahon, Andrew

Stephenson, Bartholomew

Benson, Paul

Frost, William

Mahon, Daniel (X)

Stubbs, William

Besgrove, Joseph

Gordon, James

Miller, George

Tarrant, Richard H.

Best, George

Gould, John

Mood, Thomas

Tasker, William

Bishop, William

Grocott, Benjamin

Noutley, Richard (X)

Tasker, William

Blaxland, J

Hall, John

O’Brien, William

Toole, William

Booth, William

Hare, Alfred

O’Shea, James

Trevitt, William, junr.

Brongar, James

Harrowell, John

Padham, Thomas

Trevitt, Wm.

Brooks, Thomas

Hatton, Joseph

Pain, Joseph

Tucker, John

Buckham, Gustave

Hay, Henry

Parsons, William

Tunks, William

Bulpet, John

Heard, Henry

Patterson, Peter

Turner, George E.

Burgis, W.G.

Henry, James S.

Pepper, George

Ventens, George

Byuft, Zriftrim

Hillyer, J.

Phelps, William

Warren, Joseph

Carolan, Patk. J.

Hollington, Edwin

Pope, Charles Chatfield

Watts, John

Cawthorn, William(X)

Honeyman, William

Pope, George

Wetton, Henry

Collis, Henry

Humphreys, Henry (X)

Pope, George M.

Whitehurst, Thomas

Collis, Thomas

Ives, Thomas (X)

Rae, Robert

Wicks, Geo.

Cowell, Richard

Jackson, William

Rays, Samuel

Williams, Thomas

Cowell, William

Jaye, Wm.

Reilly, Francis

Wilson, George

Crowther, William

Jenner, John

Ross, John

Woodford, Samuel

Darvell, Edwd.

Johnson, J.

Russell, Nathan

Worcester, Robert (X)

Davies, Edwd.

Jones, John

Ryan, Michael


Devlin, James

Jupp, Henry Thomas

Scott, George B.






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