Satellite view

Satellite view

You can zoom in and out by clicking on the + and – keys on the left hand side. You can switch between Satellite view, Map view and Hybrid view by clicking on the buttons at the top right. By clicking on the arrows on the top left corner you can move the image to reveal the surrounding areas that are outside the window. You can also move the image by clicking and holding down the left button on your mouse.

This Google satellite image is automatically downloaded from the Google Maps web site every time this page is opened. We therefore always have the latest image. This may sometimes result in the text on this page not accurately describing the image.

By zooming in in Satellite view, the gravel path from the eastern gate and the gravel courtyard on the Victoria Road side are easily seen. In an earlier satellite image the gravel path running up beside the eastern side of the building was also easily seen. However the current satellite image was taken in late afternoon and that path is now in deep shade. The marked parking spaces in the Willandra Street cul-de-sac, opposite the eastern gate, were also easily seen in the earlier image, but in the current image, they also are mostly in deep shade.

The map used in Map view and Hybrid view has recently been updated. It now accurately shows the Willandra Street cul-de-sac next to “Willandra”.

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