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Counter petition against Ryde Municipality
NSW Government Gazette 6 February 1861

146 resident householders of the District of Ryde signed a petition in opposition to the declaration of a Municipality and as a result the Municipality of Ryde was not proclaimed.

Ainslow, Thomas

Gallard, Edward

Martin, William

Smith, Cormick

Allen, Richard

Gallard, Francis

Martin, William

Smith, James

Annetts, John

Gascoigne, James

McKay, Wm.

Smith, W. C.

Arndt, Jacob

Gavan, Patrick

McKeon, Thomas

Smith, William

Bailey, Edwin

Goodwin, Edward

McMahon, Andrew

Spencer, James

Baker, George

Goodwin, James

McMahon, Daniel

Spurway, George

Baker, William

Gordon, George Charles

McMahon, James

Stanley, James

Barber, John (X)

Gudes, H. G. A.

Miller, George

Stephenson, B.

Bates, William

Hall, John

Monkey. Adam (X)

Stocker, William

Beadam, Robert

Harling, John

Moon, John

Sweeney, Daniel (X)

Billington, James

Hatton, Joseph

Murray, Anthony

Tawyer, Reuben

Bishop, William

Henry, William

Murray, William

Taylor, James

Blanchard, James

Heydon, J. K.

Napier, Robert

Tool, Martin

Blundell, Thomas

Hicks, James

Napier, Thomas

Trivett, William, junr.

Booth, William (X)

Hillyer, James

Nelson, George

Troy, George

Bronger, James

Hives, Thomas (X)

Nolen, William

Turtle, George

Brown, William

Holington, Edwin

O’Brian, William

Walker, J. D.

Buckham, George

Hollington, Edwin

Parkham, Thomas

Warren, Joseph

Burne, John

Howell, John

Parsons, William

Watts, Henry

Carpenter, Job

Hughes, Henry (X)

Pawser, John

Watts, John

Catt, James

Istrang, William

Pearson, Robert M.

West, Richard (X)

Catt, William

Jackson, W.

Piper, William

Whitehouse, Thomas

Clarke, Henry Hevvett

Jenkins, Thomas (X)

Pitkin, James

Wicks, Robert

Clarke, William

Jones, William

Polard, William (X)

Wickson, John

Cloudy, P

Jupp, Henry

Procter, John

Williams, Thomas

Colins, John

Jupp, Henry Thomas

Reynolds, Charles

Wilson, Francis

Colins, John

Kelley, Dominick

Roach, Michl.

Woodcock, John

Comerford, Patrick

Kellow, John

Rouke, Stephen

Woodcock, Stephen

Cooney, Edward

Kenagh, Patrick

Routley, Richard (X)

Woodford, Samuel

Corner, Edwd.

Kennagh, James

Ruck, G. B.

Woodhouse, W. D.

Delany, E

Kerby, Cornelius

Rufit, Zuftirm

Woore, E.

Doak, A. W.

Kern, Robert

Scott, George

Worcester, Robert (X)

Doak, Robert

Kiernan, James

Sheather, Henry

Woore, E.

Eggbery, William

Kilian, W.

Simons, John

Worcester, Robert (X)

Face, Stephen

Long, James (X)

Small, Thomas

Yuinnell, George

Fenely, William

M’Lure, Robert

Small, Timothy


Frost, William

Martin, George

Smith, C






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