Third (final) petition

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Petition (final) to declare Ryde a Municipality
NSW Government Gazette 8 June 1870

Petition signed by 201*  persons to declare the Ryde locality as the Municipal District of Ryde
and for that Municipal District to be divided into three wards.

(* Although the Government Gazette said “ 201 persons”, there are only 200 signatures on the
original document.)

Adair, Henry R.

Devlin, James, jun.

Jupp, James

Shepherd, R. O.

Aitkin, Thomas

Drummond, Henry

Jurd, John

Short, Jenet

Anderson, James

Drummond, John

Kelley, Edmund

Simpson, George

Arndt, Jacob

Drury, George

Kernahan, James

Simpson, M.

Ascher, Edward M. D.

Dunn, George

Kilian, W.

Sims, Wm.


Earnshaw, A.

Kingsberry, Martha

Small, R.

Baldwin, William

Elam, H. W.

Kirby, Cornules

Small, S.

Ballantine, Sarah

Elliott, Johnston

Knight, Henry (X)

Small, Samuel

Ballard, Edward

Face, Elizabeth

Kress, Peter

Small, Samuel

Barrett, John

Face, George

Krust, Louisa

Small, Timothy

Batman, John

Face, John

Laver, Edward

Smith, Charles

Bealby, R

Farr, Herbert

Long, Jacob

Smith, Thomas (X)

Benson, John

Folkard, John, jun.

Long, James

Smith, Wm.

Benson, Paul

Folkard, John, sen.

Long, Samuel

Spurway, George

Bethune, Kate

Forsyth, John

Louis, Antonio Morea (X)

Stephenson, Barw.

Billergentor, John

Gallard, Edward

Lovell, George

Stubbs, William

Billington, James

Gallard, Frank

Lovesy, George

Sugg, Sidney

Bishop, William

Gascoigne, James

Lyons, Robert

Swagger, Frank

Blaxland, Chas.

Gerdes, Herman

Marshall, John

Sweeney, Daniel

Blaxland, Mary J.

Goold, Alfred

Martin, Elizabeth

Tasker, William

Blaxland, William

Gordon, James

Martin, William

Taylor, James

Borthwick, James

Goulding, Henry

McClure, Robt.

Taylor, James

Bowden, T. K.

Goulding, W.

Meikle, Ann

Terry, Edwd.

Brooks, Thomas

Hall, William

Melver, James

Thorn, William

Brouger, James

Hanlay, William

Millard, William

Toole, John

Brouger, Jane (X)

Hare, Alfred

Miller, C

Toole, William (X)

Browne, Emily

Hay, Henry

Miller, George

Trevitt, Edwin

Buckham, George

Hay, Mary Ann

Miller, George

Trevitt, George

Bunn, George

Hays, John

Moore, W. H.

Trevitt, William, sen.

Callen, William

Heard, Henry

Morgan, Henry B.

Trevitt, William, jun.

Caller, John

Henry, Ann

Morrison, George

Tucker, John

Cantler, William

Henry, Daniel

Mulcahy, James

Tuckwell, George Thos.

Carpenter, George

Henry, James S.

Napier, Thomas L.

Tunks, Edwin W.

Carpenter, Job

Hicks, James

Newman, Charles

Tunks, W. H.

Carpenter, Job (X)

Hillyer, James

North, Jno. H.

Tunks, William

Carpenter, W. T.

Holmes, Theop. (X)

Owen, Sam

Turtle, G.

Chappell, Richard

Honeyman, W.

Page, Peter

Tyrrell, Elizabeth

Cocksedge, James

Horne, Thomas

Pettit, William

Venters, Benjamin

Cocksidge, Charles (X)

Howard, Henry

Pope, Charles C.

Warren, George

Collis, Henry

Howell, John (X)

Pope, Geo., sen.

Warren, Joseph

Cowell, Richard

Hughes, Henry (X)

Pope, George M.

Warren, William H.

Cowell, William

Irving, Martin C.

Rays, Samuel

Watts, Henry

Cranswick, Thomas

Isler, J.

Reynolds, Charles

Wells, Alfred

Cratchley, Solomon

Jackson, Alexander

Roach, Michael (X)

Wells, Henry

Creeney, Wm. Fred.

Jeanneret, C. E.

Ruck, G. B.

Wilding, Isaac (X)

Crotty, Anne

Jeffries, John

Russell, Nathan

Wilson, Francis

Darvall, Jane

Jessup, James

Schweikert, John

Woodcock, John

Dean, Mary

Jones, Mrs.

Sevenoaks, Cornelius

Woodcock, Stephen

Delange, Honoria

Jordan, Samuel

Shaw, Thos.

Worseter, Robert (X)

Devlin, James

Jupp, Andrew

Shepherd, Isaac, jun.

Young, Robert





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