“A new municipality”

Petitions for the Establishment of a Municipality in Ryde

by Helen Patterson

The Municipalities Acts of 1858 and 1867 provided for the establishment of a Municipality following the receipt of a petition of at least 50 householders resident within the proposed area. The petition would be published in the NSW Government Gazette. Unless a counter petition was received within three months from a larger number of householders, the process of creating a Municipality could begin.

A petition and a counter petition for the establishment of a Municipality in Ryde were presented in 1860 and 1861 and a successful petition was proclaimed in 1870. The three petitions that appeared in the Government Gazettes are reproduced on the next three pages. Apparent typographical errors are the result of transcriptions of the signatures by the government authorities at the time who obviously found some of the scrawls difficult to read. The names that appeared in the Government Gazettes have been rearranged into alphabetical order for easy reference. They show a “who’s who” of Ryde residents at that time.

The original petitions can be viewed at NSW State Records at Kingswood and photocopies are at “Willandra” and at Ryde Library Local Studies.

Those residents who were illiterate signed with an “X” and had their mark witnessed. The apparent duplication of a name does not mean that the person signed twice – some of those people could have been cousins with the same name (usually if there were father and son signing the petition the son was differentiated as “junior”). Close inspection of the original documents showed that all those with the same names appeared to have different signatures. They were therefore different people.

Some residents appear to have signed the first petition to establish a Municipality in Ryde and also the counter petition against it.

Petition to declare Ryde a Municipality
NSW Government Gazette 17 November 1860

127 resident householders in the Rural District of Ryde signed a petition for the District of Ryde to be declared a Municipality.

Amos, Richard Devlin, James, junr. Jurd, William Shepherd, Isaac
Bailry, G Devlin, Patrick Kenagh, Patrick Shepherd, Isaac, junr.
Baker, Alfred Dowdel, Michael Kerr, Blair Shepherd, Robert
Baldwin, William Drinkwater, Edwd. Kerr, Julius Sims, Wm.
Barber, John (X) Dunn, George Ketley, William Small, Saml.
Batman, John Elliott, Johnson (X) Lee, James Small, Samual, senior
Bate, Henry Evans, Stephen Logan, Wm. Small, Thomas
Bawdon, Thomas Farnell, James S. Loresy, George Spencer, James
Baylis, Charles Folkard, John Lovell, George Squires, James Poignand
Beck, Thomas Fowles, William McMahon, Andrew Stephenson, Bartholomew
Benson, Paul Frost, William Mahon, Daniel (X) Stubbs, William
Besgrove, Joseph Gordon, James Miller, George Tarrant, Richard H.
Best, George Gould, John Mood, Thomas Tasker, William
Bishop, William Grocott, Benjamin Noutley, Richard (X) Tasker, William
Blaxland, J Hall, John O’Brien, William Toole, William
Booth, William Hare, Alfred O’Shea, James Trevitt, William, junr.
Brongar, James Harrowell, John Padham, Thomas Trevitt, Wm.
Brooks, Thomas Hatton, Joseph Pain, Joseph Tucker, John
Buckham, Gustave Hay, Henry Parsons, William Tunks, William
Bulpet, John Heard, Henry Patterson, Peter Turner, George E.
Burgis, W.G. Henry, James S. Pepper, George Ventens, George
Byuft, Zriftrim Hillyer, J. Phelps, William Warren, Joseph
Carolan, Patk. J. Hollington, Edwin Pope, Charles Chatfield Watts, John
Cawthorn, William(X) Honeyman, William Pope, George Wetton, Henry
Collis, Henry Humphreys, Henry (X) Pope, George M. Whitehurst, Thomas
Collis, Thomas Ives, Thomas (X) Rae, Robert Wicks, Geo.
Cowell, Richard Jackson, William Rays, Samuel Williams, Thomas
Cowell, William Jaye, Wm. Reilly, Francis Wilson, George
Crowther, William Jenner, John Ross, John Woodford, Samuel
Darvell, Edwd. Johnson, J. Russell, Nathan Worcester, Robert (X)
Davies, Edwd. Jones, John Ryan, Michael
Devlin, James Jupp, Henry Thomas Scott, George B.


Counter petition against Ryde Municipality
NSW Government Gazette 6 February 1861

146 resident householders of the District of Ryde signed a petition in opposition to the declaration of a Municipality and as a result the Municipality of Ryde was not proclaimed.

Ainslow, Thomas Gallard, Edward Martin, William Smith, Cormick
Allen, Richard Gallard, Francis Martin, William Smith, James
Annetts, John Gascoigne, James McKay, Wm. Smith, W. C.
Arndt, Jacob Gavan, Patrick McKeon, Thomas Smith, William
Bailey, Edwin Goodwin, Edward McMahon, Andrew Spencer, James
Baker, George Goodwin, James McMahon, Daniel Spurway, George
Baker, William Gordon, George Charles McMahon, James Stanley, James
Barber, John (X) Gudes, H. G. A. Miller, George Stephenson, B.
Bates, William Hall, John Monkey. Adam (X) Stocker, William
Beadam, Robert Harling, John Moon, John Sweeney, Daniel (X)
Billington, James Hatton, Joseph Murray, Anthony Tawyer, Reuben
Bishop, William Henry, William Murray, William Taylor, James
Blanchard, James Heydon, J. K. Napier, Robert Tool, Martin
Blundell, Thomas Hicks, James Napier, Thomas Trivett, William, junr.
Booth, William (X) Hillyer, James Nelson, George Troy, George
Bronger, James Hives, Thomas (X) Nolen, William Turtle, George
Brown, William Holington, Edwin O’Brian, William Walker, J. D.
Buckham, George Hollington, Edwin Parkham, Thomas Warren, Joseph
Burne, John Howell, John Parsons, William Watts, Henry
Carpenter, Job Hughes, Henry (X) Pawser, John Watts, John
Catt, James Istrang, William Pearson, Robert M. West, Richard (X)
Catt, William Jackson, W. Piper, William Whitehouse, Thomas
Clarke, Henry Hevvett Jenkins, Thomas (X) Pitkin, James Wicks, Robert
Clarke, William Jones, William Polard, William (X) Wickson, John
Cloudy, P Jupp, Henry Procter, John Williams, Thomas
Colins, John Jupp, Henry Thomas Reynolds, Charles Wilson, Francis
Colins, John Kelley, Dominick Roach, Michl. Woodcock, John
Comerford, Patrick Kellow, John Rouke, Stephen Woodcock, Stephen
Cooney, Edward Kenagh, Patrick Routley, Richard (X) Woodford, Samuel
Corner, Edwd. Kennagh, James Ruck, G. B. Woodhouse, W. D.
Delany, E Kerby, Cornelius Rufit, Zuftirm Woore, E.
Doak, A. W. Kern, Robert Scott, George Worcester, Robert (X)
Doak, Robert Kiernan, James Sheather, Henry Woore, E.
Eggbery, William Kilian, W. Simons, John Worcester, Robert (X)
Face, Stephen Long, James (X) Small, Thomas Yuinnell, George
Fenely, William M’Lure, Robert Small, Timothy
Frost, William Martin, George Smith, C


Petition (final) to declare Ryde a Municipality
NSW Government Gazette 8 June 1870
Petition signed by 201*  persons to declare the Ryde locality as the Municipal District of Ryde
and for that Municipal District to be divided into three wards.
(* Although the Government Gazette said “ 201 persons”, there are only 200 signatures on the
original document.)
Adair, Henry R. Devlin, James, jun. Jupp, James Shepherd, R. O.
Aitkin, Thomas Drummond, Henry Jurd, John Short, Jenet
Anderson, James Drummond, John Kelley, Edmund Simpson, George
Arndt, Jacob Drury, George Kernahan, James Simpson, M.
Ascher, Edward M. D. Dunn, George Kilian, W. Sims, Wm.
Bailey,G Earnshaw, A. Kingsberry, Martha Small, R.
Baldwin, William Elam, H. W. Kirby, Cornules Small, S.
Ballantine, Sarah Elliott, Johnston Knight, Henry (X) Small, Samuel
Ballard, Edward Face, Elizabeth Kress, Peter Small, Samuel
Barrett, John Face, George Krust, Louisa Small, Timothy
Batman, John Face, John Laver, Edward Smith, Charles
Bealby, R Farr, Herbert Long, Jacob Smith, Thomas (X)
Benson, John Folkard, John, jun. Long, James Smith, Wm.
Benson, Paul Folkard, John, sen. Long, Samuel Spurway, George
Bethune, Kate Forsyth, John Louis, Antonio Morea (X) Stephenson, Barw.
Billergentor, John Gallard, Edward Lovell, George Stubbs, William
Billington, James Gallard, Frank Lovesy, George Sugg, Sidney
Bishop, William Gascoigne, James Lyons, Robert Swagger, Frank
Blaxland, Chas. Gerdes, Herman Marshall, John Sweeney, Daniel
Blaxland, Mary J. Goold, Alfred Martin, Elizabeth Tasker, William
Blaxland, William Gordon, James Martin, William Taylor, James
Borthwick, James Goulding, Henry McClure, Robt. Taylor, James
Bowden, T. K. Goulding, W. Meikle, Ann Terry, Edwd.
Brooks, Thomas Hall, William Melver, James Thorn, William
Brouger, James Hanlay, William Millard, William Toole, John
Brouger, Jane (X) Hare, Alfred Miller, C Toole, William (X)
Browne, Emily Hay, Henry Miller, George Trevitt, Edwin
Buckham, George Hay, Mary Ann Miller, George Trevitt, George
Bunn, George Hays, John Moore, W. H. Trevitt, William, sen.
Callen, William Heard, Henry Morgan, Henry B. Trevitt, William, jun.
Caller, John Henry, Ann Morrison, George Tucker, John
Cantler, William Henry, Daniel Mulcahy, James Tuckwell, George Thos.
Carpenter, George Henry, James S. Napier, Thomas L. Tunks, Edwin W.
Carpenter, Job Hicks, James Newman, Charles Tunks, W. H.
Carpenter, Job (X) Hillyer, James North, Jno. H. Tunks, William
Carpenter, W. T. Holmes, Theop. (X) Owen, Sam Turtle, G.
Chappell, Richard Honeyman, W. Page, Peter Tyrrell, Elizabeth
Cocksedge, James Horne, Thomas Pettit, William Venters, Benjamin
Cocksidge, Charles (X) Howard, Henry Pope, Charles C. Warren, George
Collis, Henry Howell, John (X) Pope, Geo., sen. Warren, Joseph
Cowell, Richard Hughes, Henry (X) Pope, George M. Warren, William H.
Cowell, William Irving, Martin C. Rays, Samuel Watts, Henry
Cranswick, Thomas Isler, J. Reynolds, Charles Wells, Alfred
Cratchley, Solomon Jackson, Alexander Roach, Michael (X) Wells, Henry
Creeney, Wm. Fred. Jeanneret, C. E. Ruck, G. B. Wilding, Isaac (X)
Crotty, Anne Jeffries, John Russell, Nathan Wilson, Francis
Darvall, Jane Jessup, James Schweikert, John Woodcock, John
Dean, Mary Jones, Mrs. Sevenoaks, Cornelius Woodcock, Stephen
Delange, Honoria Jordan, Samuel Shaw, Thos. Worseter, Robert (X)
Devlin, James Jupp, Andrew Shepherd, Isaac, jun. Young, Robert