Our published works

These are some of the books published by the Society.
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Laurie Gallop, 1931-2020: Memories of the Sights and Sounds of Ryde over the decades. Available for purchase for $10.00 (plus postage).

The Matriarch of Rockend: Emily Barton, more than Banjo Paterson’s grandmother. By Judith Godden. A history of Rockend, Gladesville. Available for purchase for $15.00 (plus postage).

Churchyard on the Hill: St Anne’s at Ryde, NSW

By Kevin Shaw and Janice Eastment

448 pages, numerous illustrations. An alphabetical burial register is included.

This book has an introduction to the history of the cemetery attached to St Anne’s Church. It also contains biographies of the people mentioned on about 300 headstones that were transcribed in 1948. These biographies are in number order and can be followed on a map on the last page, thus making the book a useful guide to a tour of the cemetery.

Price: $40 (plus postage)

Ryde's tramways and tramway monuments

Ryde’s tramways and tramway monuments by Helen Patterson. Available for purchase for $25.00 plus postage and handling.

Ryde Remembers: World War 1 Memorials of the Ryde District. Compiled by the members of the Ryde District Historical Society. Available for purchase for $20.00 (plus postage).

Historic Ryde
A guide to some significant heritage sites in the City of Ryde
Edited by Kevin Shaw
150 pages.  63 photos and illustrations
This is a book about 53 heritage sites in Ryde. It begins with a short history of Ryde. This allows the reader to place these sites in the context of the times.
It was part of a project by the Ryde District Historical Society to celebrate the Australian Bicentenary.
This book is available for purchase for $20.00 (plus postage)

Women of Ryde, not only Granny Smith
Biographies of 70 women who have made contributions to the social and economic development of the Ryde District.
This book was published to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Historical Society.
Available for purchase for $20.00 (plus postage).

The History of the Dress Circle Estate
by John Hood
An illustrated history of the Dress Circle Estate, East Ryde and the forgotten greats of Australian theatre after whom the streets are named.
This book is available for purchase for $10.00 or $15.00 including postage.

I Remember Ryde in the 1920s-1950s
by Josie Ashley-Riddle
Josie Ashley-Riddle talks about life in Ryde in the 1920s-1950s.
This is a revised edition illustrated with photos.
It is available for purchase for $8.00 (plus postage).

West Ryde & Meadowbank
A brief chronology of West Ryde; some memories of West Ryde and Meadowbank; and a series of photos of landmark buildings today and in the past.
This book is available for purchase for $8.50 plus postage and handling.

Scenes of Ryde
by Laurie Gallop
This is a series of 20 sketches of historic scenes of Ryde by Laurie Gallop, annotated with the story behind each scene.
Available for purchase for $10.00 (plus postage).

The Ryde of my Life
by Laurie Gallop.
A delightful booklet by Laurie Gallop of reminiscences of Ryde from the 1930s up until the present.
Available for purchase for $5.00 plus postage.

A Basic History of Ryde 1792-1966 was published in 1966 following a request for a booklet suitable for distribution in schools. Revised editions were published in 1976 and 1981.
This book is currently out of print, but it can be read in our library.

Ryde Baptist Cemetary
Formerly at Lane Cove Road, Ryde.
The story of the Ryde Baptist Cemetery and details of those buried there between the 1850s and the late 1940s.
Available for purchase $8.00 plus postage.

Gladesville Hospital Cemetery
This book was published by RDHS in 2012.  It contains a brief history of the hospital and some of its people.  It also contains what is believed to be a complete listing of burials from 1869 to 1899.

Willandra: Historic House, Ryde NSW
Willandra is the headquarters of the Ryde District Historical Society, which was instrumental in saving the house from demolition in the 1970s.  This booklet dates from 2014.

This book commemorates those men and women of the district of Ryde who served in World War One and the families they left behind.